Pirouette Stand

Industrial Design

Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shades offer class leading materials and light play, but it’s hard to appreciate both from a sample book, app, or a visually loud stand fighting for attention.

To help tell their product story in a visceral experience, we worked with Hunter Douglas and Grenadier (now part of Barkley) to craft an easy, unobtrusive sample stand for Pirouette.


The Pirouette Stand works flat or vertical and allows potential clients to set up the Pirouette in their room, so they can see the lighting effect with their own window light. The customer can also see the different states of the Pirouette shade by raising or lowering the shade with the toggle on the left.

The stand’s form is crafted to be intrusive to the Pirouette window shade, allowing the customer’s attention to be focused on what’s important.


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