Industrial Design

Routers are a pain to use; either they’re too slow, hard to use, and/or allow your IP to snoop and seize your data. There needs to be another way, one that makes getting online fast, easy, and safe. Enter the Island router, your own digital private resort. Everything about Island is designed to invoke calmness and ease: whether its Island's gently rhythmic form, over-spec'd hardware, built in VPN, and software that’s so smart it's ready to use out of the box  — no app required — Island makes being online quick, secure, and thoughtless. Internet made easy, as it should be.


Inspired by a Lighthouse lens, Island strives to be covetable yet submissive, allowing it to fit in to most environments. Its injection molded form utilizes a mixture of gentle curves, hard edges, and lighting to invoke a private resort feel, echoing the ethos of the product.


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