Industrial Design


The stress of being a new, working, or traveling parent can turn mom or dad into versions of themselves they don’t like, or worse, regret. Bubbe, the vacuum insulated, self heating baby bottle, aims to reduce stress by being simple, quick, and easy to use.

With its submissive, ergonomic hourglass figure, Bubbe heats milk fast. By touching the “Warm” button, a magnetic stir bar creates a mixing vortex that passes cold milk by heating rods and cycles until the optimum temp of 98.6º is reached. Bubbe can warm 6 oz. in under 2 minutes, which no other self contained bottle can do today.


Bubbe stores milk in a double-walled vacuum insulated container, which is patent pending. Bubbe uses sonar to measure milk levels and is shown on the exterior digital display. This allows breast milk to stay cool for up to 12 hrs (rather than the normal 3 hrs) – and after heating, for an additional 4 hrs (which is FDA’s max time for heated milk). This allows parents to have warm milk near them while working or traveling for up to 16 hours.

Bubbe is also customizable. It uses variable adaptor lids & adaptor plates to work with all the top brands of nipples on the marketplace.


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